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Personal Tax Returns

Personal tax returns are due April 30th of each calendar year for individuals employed by a business.

Personal tax returns are due June 15th of each calendar year for individuals who are self employed. 

Why should I file my tax return?

Consequences of not filing:

If you owe taxes and are late paying them, you could be subject to penalties and interest.  The longer you go without filing your returns or paying your taxes, the higher the interest and penalties you could be subject to. 

Benefits of filing:

The government may owe you money.  When your employer deducts income taxes from your income and you are under the threshold for taxes owing, you are entitled to get that money back.  

If you have put money into an RRSP, the amount you invested is deducted from your gross income in that year and will lower your taxable income, which might result in a tax refund. 

Benefits to letting us do your taxes:

There are many scenarios when it comes to personal taxes.  Let us help you file your taxes.  There are many credits the average tax filer does not know about. 

We will do our best to secure a refund for you or ensure you pay only the taxes you are required. 

We file using E-File which speeds the process which means you will collect your refund faster than mailing your tax return. 

Did you also know that you can set up direct deposit with the Canada Revenue Agency?  That means your refund is deposited directly into your bank account.  Using this method, you can expect to receive your refund two to three times faster than having a cheque mailed to you.