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Personal Tax Returns

Personal Tax Returns

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Tax filing due dates vary based upon what type of income you receive. If you owe money, the due dates change again. Let us help you navigate these deadlines and work to ensure you pay as little as possible or even secure you a refund. The allowable credits change often and the average tax filer may not be aware of them all. That’s where the experience comes in. 

Professional development and learning is part of our routine. We provide ongoing in-house staff training on the latest tax laws to ensure we take advantage of every credit available to you. Filing late has hefty penalties. Interest charges accrue daily and late-filing penalties are high. Ensure you know when you have to file and what your payment due dates are.

  • personal tax returns are due April 30th of each calendar year for individuals employed by a business
  • personal tax returns are due June 15th of each calendar year for individuals who are self employed
We Can Help

There can be many credits that the average tax filer does not know about. We always do our best to secure a refund for you or ensure you only pay the taxes you are required to. Our filing software speeds up the process allowing you to collect your refund faster than you would by mailing in your tax return. We can help setup a direct deposit with the Canada Revenue Agency so that your refund is deposited directly into your bank account. Using this approach, you will receive your refund 2-3x faster than having a cheque mailed to you.

Click here to visit the CRA website.

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